Saturday, September 5, 2015

With A Name Like Ludlow Griscom You Have To Be Good

      Ludlow Griscom is hugely important to modern-day birding.  Most birders have never heard of him. This may be his first video documentary. He is important for three things.  1. Ludlow Griscom could identify birds on sight, like no one of his day.  2. Griscom championed the average birder knowing the birds in his area cold. That is why the American Birding Association  has a regional birding award named for him. 3. Most important, he ushered in the age of identifying birds with binoculars, and not a gun.
      In Raven On The Mountain's "How Many Birds Do You Need?" Ludlow Griscom is covered in Parts IV, V, and VI, with vignettes from his life from childhood to death.  Most of this stuff birders don't know, but if your birding community has a guy or a gal who knows everything, whom everyone defers to, and who makes all the rules, you know Ludlow Griscom.  He was the first of these. He was the one whom Peterson went to with a hard ID.
     You can enjoy all of "How Many Birds Do You Need?" on Raven On The Mountain's Vimeo Channel 2, right here.

It took the better part of a year to put together, but was a lot of fun.

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