Saturday, September 5, 2015

Louis Agassiz Fuertes. Better Than Audubon? Video Documentary.

    Louis Agassiz Fuertes today is Cornell's Lab of Ornithology's patron saint.  And for good reason. He didn't invent the field guide, but Fuertes' drawings and paintings were the first ones that really were accurate enough to be able to identify birds by sight. Part IV of "How Many Birds Do You Need?" shows his progress from a childhood scribbler to the recognized Master of The Art Of Birds. Fuertes's time was the time of the Audubon movement, of Frank Chapman and his camera, and of Chester A. Reed's first ever actual field guide. You still birded over a gun barrel, but this was about to change, as the end of Part IV will show you.

You can see "How Many Birds Do You Need?" Part IV here:

or the whole six-part documentary here:

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