Saturday, September 5, 2015

Alexander Wilson, A Video About America's First Real Ornithologist

     Alexander Wilson, the father of American ornithology, was our first serious student of birds.. As far as a video about Alexander Wilson, any you might have found are about a modern day meteorologist. Raven On the Mountain Video has produced a 15 minute piece that outlines Wilson's life and work.  It is Part II of the six part documentary "How Many Birds Do You Need", and also introduces John James Audubon to those who know the name, but perhaps not the artist.  The infamous meeting between the two men in Shippingport, Kentucky in 1810 is discussed, as well.
     You can see "How Many Birds Do You Need, Part II" here:

or the whole 6 parts on Vimeo's Raven On The Mountain Channel 2, here

     Part I is an introduction to birding, for the uninitiated.  Humorous, perhaps, but not for the history buff in you.

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